UpdateStar Premium Edition for Business
UpdateStar prevents instability, vulnerability and potential downtime of workstations and servers in the first place! UpdateStar Premium protects corporate Windows PCs and Windows servers from vulnerabilities caused by outdated software. The high number of new software updates and patches published by software vendors shows how important it is to take care of software setups on a 24x7 basis. UpdateStar Premium provides administrators with information for more than 1,273,000 software products. 

Administrators use UpdateStar to save time searching manually for available important updates. UpdateStar offers access to our large database of products and delivers all latest versions for installed software. Added features such as security advisory, software setup exports and 24x7 scheduling make UpdateStar Premium an easy-to-use tool for administrators.

With UpdateStar Premium your business PCs and servers stay up-to-date and secure - every day. PC and server productivity is optimized by using the latest versions of installed software products. Request an evaluation license here.
UpdateStar Premium is available with stand-alone licenses as well as volume licensing options with attractive prices for PCs and servers. Business users may purchase licenses directly from the secure UpdateStar Store or find a reseller. Simply choose your license number below and adapt it in the shopping cart.
1 PC license only $34.95 - 5 PCs - 25 - 50 - 100
1 Server license only $199 - 5 Servers - 25 - 50 - 100
UpdateStar Collection for Businesses 1 PC / 3 PCs. More here...
Purchase products by phone
Contact the UpdateStar team with your license inquiries and questions here. We are happy to answer your questions.
Keep PCs and servers up-to-date and secure
UpdateStar Premium makes sure no important update is being missed by the administrator. UpdateStar offers administrators a time-saving, one-stop information place for software setups. It makes the business PC and server user's computer experience more productive. UpdateStar covers commercial software as well as freeware, shareware and demos. UpdateStar's 24x7 service runs silently in the background of business PCs and servers. Once an update for a program becomes available, UpdateStar lets the administrator know and delivers the software upon request.
Secure and verified downloads only
UpdateStar puts an end to wasted time searching for an update and insecure software links and insecure downloads. The UpdateStar team verifies downloads and links. This way Administrators are assured to only get secure downloads from original and trusted sources. UpdateStar already offers the most complete and trusted software database world-wide thanks to our secure crowdsourcing approach and the 24x7 efforts of the UpdateStar team. UpdateStar recently reached the 2.4 million users per month milestone.
Protects your business PC's against insecure and outdated software
Administrators avoid risks for costly PC downtime and other PC problems such as data loss by using UpdateStar. Outdated software can surely lead to problems and system crashes. Old software can leave business PCs vulnerable to attacks from outside as the constant news about newly found vulnerability leaks in software applications show. UpdateStar puts a stop to that! As soon as a new version is available, UpdateStar informs the administrator automatically. Compared with downtime cost or the cost for solving a problem on a business PC after a problem occured with an outdated version an UpdateStar Premium license is a bargain for every business.
Software management for business PCs
UpdateStar allows an enhanced administration of all software installed on a business PC. It acts as a replacement for the well known "Programs" section in Windows Vista and Windows 7 which offers no detailed information regarding the installed software. UpdateStar provides information faster combined with up-to-date version and download information about a business PC's software setup. UpdateStar Premium delivers additional information including information regarding a software's security level, minor update information and more.
Administrators configure UpdateStar individually
Administrators can configure the UpdateStar service to deliver information regarding the complete software setup of a business PC, or you may choose to let UpdateStar only deliver update information regarding pre-configured programs he considers important. UpdateStar can easily be adapted to the administrator's needs. The administrator can use a notes field in the details section for every installed program to add important information such as licensing information. UpdateStar Premium allows exporting software setups, which include all added notes about the software.
Import complete software setups
Administrators can use the export and import capabilities of UpdateStar Premium to easily equip a PC or server with a pre-defined software setup. UpdateStar makes sure the software included in a pre-defined setup is always up-to-date. This allows for a pain-free setup of a computer - saving the administrator precious time.
Export a PCs or servers software setup
Administrators can now easily export a complete pre-defined software setup for backup reasons and use it for migration reasons on multiple PCs or servers for example. The export feature helps the admin maintain a backup copy of a favorite or recommended software setup, including important notes such as license information. Once re-imported, all program information will automatically get updated to the latest versions available by the UpdateStar database.
Security levels help identify important updates
UpdateStar provides security levels for installed programs on business PCs and servers. Based on historical data and security issues the UpdateStar program database categorizes software programs and provides security level information. This helps an administrator to identify security related updates available for installed programs.
Minor software upgrade and patches information
Sometimes businesses use an earlier major version of a software product. UpdateStar informs the administrator about updates and patches available for these earlier major versions. These updates might also be important and security related, but might also offer additional features. Once informed, the admin can decide to use a minor upgrade without having to migrate to the new major version.
Full 24x7 scheduling capabilities
UpdateStar provides scheduling capabilities to automate the search process for available updates and run scans in the background. Administrators can define scans according to their needs. Recommended is a daily scan for available updates to make sure all security related software is still up-to-date. Once an update is found, UpdateStar immediately informs the admin about the available new release.
Optimal pricing for your software licenses
As a further service, UpdateStar brings you news and offers which focus specifically on software we are convinced you might be interested in. You receive competitive licensing options as well as interesting bundle offers from UpdateStar. We have teamed up with other leading software vendors. These attractive product bundles are available from our promotions webpage.
Secure crowdsourcing approach
The UpdateStar database is maintained by the users, for the users together with the UpdateStar team, which checks for the reliability of all newly recognized versions and information every day.

Thousands of voluntary users help us to complete and keep our database with more than 1,273,000 software products up-to-date. If you find an update that UpdateStar does not recognize, you can help all other users by updating the UpdateStar database. Simply use the "Send Update" link in the product's details section within UpdateStar. Alternatively you can use the "Edit" tab on a products webpage to send us completed or updated information, for example a missing description in your language. All other user profit from your help.

Simply fill-in the corrected data in online form and submit it to the UpdateStar team. We verify every submission and update the database accordingly. All other users profit from your input and UpdateStar's art of social computing helps all users to stay up-to-date with their software setup. UpdateStar's crowdsourcing approach is also the reason why our program database already has become the most complete software database available.


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