Freeware to easily create MP3s from videos
The UpdateStar Free MP3 Converter allows you to download videos and convert them into MP3s. It is the free version of our full-featured UpdateStar Video Converter. Get it and enjoy your music every day!
Tip: Make sure to also try our full-featured UpdateStar Video Converter to convert videos into all kinds of formats including MP3, AVI, WMV, iPod, iPhone, PSP, Zune, DVD, XVid, 3GP, and more!
What is UpdateStar Free MP3 Converter?
UpdateStar Free MP3 Converter is a powerful, easy-of-use tool that allows you to download video from online video services, such as YouTube, Google Video, etc.

Is UpdateStar Free MP3 Converter FREE?

Is it legal?
There is a ton of good content on YouTube, but copyright infringement claims and DMCA take-down notices mean that any given video can disappear at any time. Having a local copy of the video means you won't lose access if YouTube removes the video from their site. And if you convert the video to any format, you can view it more comfortably for your needs. Doing this appears to be in compliance with YouTube's Terms of Use, as long as you do not distribute the videos to others, and you retain any copyright notices on the files (see sections 2A and 4). UpdateStar does not take any responsibility to content you are attempting to download, since we can't handle it. We strongly recommend you not to download any copyrighted material, music videos, etc. due to law restrictions. UpdateStar Free MP3 Converter doesn't change content of any downloaded videos; it may only convert it to different video file format for more comfortable video watching. UpdateStar has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third parties.

How do you get the Mozilla Firefox add-on?
The Free MP3 Converter quick download button for Mozilla Firefox is added automatically during Free MP3 Converter installation. If you did not add during the Free MP3 Converter installation, you can do it manually later.

How can I save many links I want to download later?
With the batch download option you will be able to add several links for video to the download list, save them to a batch (Ctrl+S) and view / open the saved xml file (Ctrl+O) later. Then you will be able to download all saved videos in a batch any time you wish.

1. Save all links to a batch. To do this, simply click on the button as shown below, and all links for videos on the list will be saved as XML file to a chosen location. Now you can close the program.
2. To load a batch for video download, simply click on the "Load batch" button as on the image below. After that, simply click the download button to download all videos.

That's it. Now you can postpone the video download by saving links to a batch and continuing the download any time you wish.

I want to download a video from a website which is not supported. What can I do?
You can request to support this website. Just contact our support. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to support a specific website due to potential technical requirements.

Free MP3 Converter has started to support a new websites. How did you do that?
The main goal of Free MP3 Converter is dynamical update of application script every time when you start the application. You can change these settings in the "Options" dialog. But we recommend updating the program to keep up to date with the latest changes, as popular video websites sometimes may change their script or we can introduce new supported websites.

I paste valid link into "Add URL" dialog, but it doesn't download the video.
Perhaps the website you want to download video from, has changed its script and we have not handled it yet. You may contact our support and you will get our feedback on this matter.

Are there plug-ins for Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers?
Yes, there are. Free MP3 Converter offers Firefox and Internet Explorer extensions.

Will Free MP3 Converter download streaming media via MMS, RTSP, RTMP protocols?
Now Free MP3 Converter also supports MMS protocol. Though, RTSP and RTMP are not supported yet.

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