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April 14, 2015
UpdateStar Local Backup 4 creates your daily local backup

The software not only copies the original files but also future changes made to the files and directories. The files are copied exactly and put on the target disk so that they can also be accessed using the Windows Explorer.

May 30, 2014
UpdateStar Product Key Finder 8 finds software licenses

UpdateStar Product Key Finder 8 is the latest version upgrade in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Because losing important license information is an annoying experience, Product Key Finder helps users to find and safeguard licenses and activation keys. Thanks to the enhanced scan and analysis methods of the new version, it now finds license information for more than 6,500 software products.

January 29, 2014
Update Windows device driver updates delivered by UpdateStar Drivers 7

UpdateStar Drivers 7 is the latest product update in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Device driver updates are important for every computer, because outdated drivers can create many problems like functionality and stability issues. The Drivers 7 update service provides users with driver updates from a database with now more than 157,000 hardware devices.

December 16, 2013
Update Windows software with UpdateStar Premium Edition 10

UpdateStar Premium Edition 10 is the latest product update in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Software updates are important for every computer and fix security and other problems caused by outdated software. UpdateStar 10 protects users from these problems. The included service provides users with small and major updates for installed software on their computers for more than 1.6 million programs.

May 22, 2013
Rescue password information with
UpdateStar Password Finder 7

UpdateStar Password Finder 7 is the latest addition in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Because losing password information is an annoying and potentially expensive experience, the new Password Finder now helps home users as well as administrators to find and backup passwords and related information.

May 7, 2013
UpdateStar Product Key Finder 7 available

UpdateStar today released UpdateStar Product Key Finder 7. The new version 7 offers enhanced scan methods and supports 4,500 software products. Product Key Finder lets users find and export software licenses stored and hidden on their local or network computers. The software’s database now supports more than 4,500 products. Product Key Finder can be used in case of a license loss emergency as well as for reasons of precaution to prevent a license loss before it happens. Users can export or print the results from within Product Key Finder and store these in a safe place for backup reasons.

April 11, 2013
UpdateStar Drivers 6 available

UpdateStar Drivers 6 is the latest version upgrade in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Because outdated device drivers create many problems on a computer, UpdateStar Drivers protects computers from these functionality and stability issues and delivers driver updates from a database with more than 148,000 hardware devices.

November 6, 2012
Software update convenience with UpdateStar Premium Edition 9

UpdateStar Premium Edition 9 is the latest addition to the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Software updates are important for every computer and fix security and other problems caused by outdated software. UpdateStar 9 protects users from these problems.

September 20, 2012
UpdateStar Product Key Finder 6 available

UpdateStar Product Key Finder 6 is the latest addition to the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Because losing license information is an annoying and expensive experience, Product Key Finder helps home users as well as enterprise users to safeguard licenses and activation keys for software products installed on local and remote network computers. The new software supports more than 3,600 software vendors and products.

October 11, 2011
UpdateStar Drivers 5 permanently delivers driver updates for Windows computers

UpdateStar Drivers 5 is the latest version upgrade in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Outdated device drivers can create many problems on a computer. UpdateStar Drivers protects computers from functionality and stability issues and delivers driver updates from a database with more than 123,000 devices. Together with UpdateStar Premium Edition users can now efficiently keep their computer software and device drivers up to date on a daily basis for a maximum of stability and functionality.

September 26, 2011
UpdateStar Online Backup 3 delivers unlimited backup with a real flat rate price

UpdateStar Online Backup 3 is the latest version upgrade in the portfolio of products of Berlin-based UpdateStar. Because data disasters can strike in so many ways, backing up one’s data is one of the most important tasks of every serious computer user. With the new version 3 computer users create daily online backups and are fully protected against the loss of important files and data. UpdateStar Online Backup protects users with an affordable, secure and proven backup solution.

December 9, 2010
New released UpdateStar Drivers delivers all driver updates for computer hardware

UpdateStar Drivers is the latest in a row of new software product additions to Berlin-based UpdateStar's portfolio of products. UpdateStar Drivers protects computer users from functionality and stability issues caused by outdated hardware drivers. Current hardware drivers prevent and fix these computer problems. In times of a growing variety of computer hardware devices it is important to keep hardware drivers up to date. UpdateStar Drivers allows computer users to automatically receive the latest driver updates. This way they can make use of the latest features and optimize their computer's performance and stability.

October 4, 2010
New UpdateStar 6 delivers software updates with direct downloads

Software updates often fix security issues and other problems caused by outdated software. UpdateStar 6 protects users from these problems. The new version provides users with available small and major updates for installed software on their computers for more than 1.2 million programs. Users profit from UpdateStar’s enhanced version recognition as well as direct and secure downloads from original software vendor sites.

March 18, 2010
Never lose a software license again with your free UpdateStar license repository online

It can happen quickly. A desperately needed software license is missing on a user’s computer and the software vendor also provides no help. The UpdateStar software portal now offers users to create free repositories for all of their software licenses. Users can add all license information for their software products with their free UpdateStar account online. This way the UpdateStar portal with its more than 300,000 software titles does not only provide users with downloads, but also acts as a one-stop license repository. And no license can get lost anymore. Users can register for a free UpdateStar account on the UpdateStar website.

March 12, 2010
UpdateStar Online Backup supplements backup strategies of professional users

UpdateStar Online Backup 2 helps professional users and administrators with corporate environments to backup important files. This way it additionally protects companies from data loss caused by a data disaster. UpdateStar Online Backup can be used to create primary backups as well as secondary backups. Because locally created backups are exposed to the same risks as the original data, an offsite backup with UpdateStar Online Backup adds an important piece of extra security to every company’s backup strategy with only negligible expenses involved due to the flat fee cost structure of UpdateStar Online Backup.

February 11, 2010
UpdateStar Online Backup released. Secure and unlimited offsite backup to protect the user's digital life

With the new UpdateStar Online Backup PC users will never lose an important file again. Data disasters can strike in many ways and they happen every day. UpdateStar Online Backup protects users with an affordable, reliable, secure and easy-to-use backup solution. For only $5.95 a month users can create unlimited offsite backups to protect their digital life they rely and depend on.

January 28, 2010
UpdateStar Kahuna 3 available to speed up, clean up and maintain Windows PCs

The newly released UpdateStar Kahuna provides Windows platform users with a comprehensive and simple PC maintenance suite. With Kahuna, users can get an underperforming PC into shape with minimal effort. Kahuna includes more than 40 modules and tools designed to clean, fine-tune and optimize XP, Vista and Windows 7 based PCs. Within the fields of system diagnosis, user security, and system optimization these proven and powerful tools ensure the user PC remains healthy and fast.

November 19, 2009
New PC Lifecycle 2010 software bundle equips PCs with essential products

The new PC Lifecycle 2010 allows PC users to equip their PCs with seven essential software products at once. The $99.95 software bundle includes seven award-winning products valued $280 from award-winning vendors Laplink, O&O Software, Panda Security and UpdateStar.

November 10, 2009
Award-Winning UpdateStar Meets Microsoft Standards for Reliability and Compatibility with Windows 7

UpdateStar, the source for complete software information for PC users, today announced that UpdateStar 5 Premium Edition has earned the "Compatible with Windows 7" logo from Microsoft Corp.

October 19, 2009
UpdateStar 5 released - enhanced version recognition keeps PCs up to date and secure

The new UpdateStar 5 offers users an enhanced program and version recognition to deliver updates for 259,000 programs. UpdateStar makes sure users do not miss important updates for their PCs, as available updates for software often fix security issues and other problems. The UpdateStar team has also implemented support for 19 languages and Windows 7 compatibility. UpdateStar 5 Freeware Edition provides Windows-based PC users with a basic service and delivers major updates for the users’ PC software. The Premium Edition additionally offers minor version upgrades for the users’ PC software on a 24x7 basis as well as security levels for software programs to be able to easily identify and install important updates.

July 17, 2009
UpdateStar Study reveals: PC Software is outdated after just 5 days, and 90% of PC users have insecure software

An internal study carried out by the software developer UpdateStar reveals that over 90% of PC users are not downloading security-related software updates available for their existing programs in time. The study also concludes that, on average, PC Software is out-of-date after just 5 days. A supplementary online survey of users confirmed these findings, and revealed that security-related updates are often left unused for weeks or even months. To remove the risks posed by security gaps in out-of-date software, it is strongly recommended that users install security updates promptly.

March 20, 2009
New UpdateStar 4 provides updates and maintenance for 259,000 programs

The newly released UpdateStar 4 provides software users with enhanced recognition of available updates and upgrades and a cleaner for more than 259,000 programs to maintain their software setup. Updates and patches for software often fix security issues and other problems. Updates appear almost on a daily basis for a software setup with 60 to 80 programs on a typical PC making it nearly impossible for a PC user to keep up. UpdateStar offers relief and is available as freeware as well as the commercial Premium Edition with additional security advice for program, a cleaner for system maintenance and more. UpdateStar is an important software add-on to every PC user's security strategy. The UpdateStar community already scrobbles more than 4.5 million user programs for available updates daily.

January 28, 2009
UpdateStar welcomes one millionth user

The UpdateStar project, both the #1 software search engine and software updating service for PC users, recently welcomed its one millionth user. Started in early 2008 UpdateStar keeps gaining popularity among PC software users. The UpdateStar team celebrates the millionth user mark with newly published UpdateStar Collection as well as offering users attractive software bundles with products from industry leading software vendors. All special offers are available from the UpdateStar website. The UpdateStar software client provides users with all of their software and software updates from UpdateStar's crowdsourced software database. UpdateStar has already become the most complete software source world-wide with more than 135,000 recognized software products.

December 4, 2008
New UpdateStar Premium keeps PC software up-to-date – security advice and updates for 135,000 programs

Keeping PC software up-to-date and secure is a never-ending task for the user. Software upgrades and patches fixing security and other problems appear on a daily basis making it hard for the user to keep up. UpdateStar Premium Edition offers relief. It provides minor and major updates for more than 135,000 programs with 850,000 versions. UpdateStar Premium offers security advice for high priority updates and allows for the management and backup of one’s own PC software setup. With UpdateStar Premium the user is protected against security problems or system crashes caused by outdated software. UpdateStar already scrobbles more than 100 million user programs for available updates per month. UpdateStar is positioned as a preventive software add-on to the security strategy of serious PC users.

August 20, 2008
Did your software product lose or gain market share recently? UpdateStar Analytics provides answers

UpdateStar's newly launched "Analytics" market research service lets software vendors know when they lose or gain market share. It offers insights into a software product's market position and user behavior. The Analytics reports offer answers to mission-critical questions for software marketers as well as for software market analysts. Based on anonymously-gained data from its world-class freeware update service, UpdateStar's reports keep software companies updated with critical and current market research findings about the success of their products with users. With Analytics, software vendors now have access to a cost-efficient market research tool based on up-to-date software user statistics for more than 95,000 programs.

August 1, 2008
UpdateStar shares ad revenue with software developers

UpdateStar is the #1 source for complete software information – on the web as well as on a user's desktop. Software developers can now join the newly-launched "Share" program, an advertising revenue sharing program. Developers can register and use the portal as their download mirror and receive a significant portion of shared ad revenue created with their content – the software programs they produce. This way even freeware authors can establish a new, substantial revenue stream by partnering with UpdateStar. The Share program is open to commercial software vendors as well as shareware and freeware authors.

June 26, 2008
"UpdateStar Packs" offer comprehensive and free standard software configurations for every PC

Setting up a PC with software these days can be a repetitive, Sisyphean task. The new "UpdateStar Packs" bring an end to this toil. Users no longer need to spend endless hours searching for all the essential freebies and latest versions for their PC's. UpdateStar Packs offer a simple and intuitive way to import complete software setups via the UpdateStar application.

June 4, 2008
UpdateStar 2.2 backs up complete software setups in just a few KB

The newly released version 2.2 offers additional import and export functionality for complete software setups. Users can now easily export their complete favorite software setup for backup reasons or easily migrate their software setup. The UpdateStar website additionally offers free downloads of UpdateStar Packs. These recommended software setups include top-rated freeware essentials.

March 26, 2008
UpdateStar 2.0 provides software updates and software ratings

Keeping their PC software constantly updated is a never-ending Sisyphean task for most users. The UpdateStar project promises to help. The Freeware works silently in the background and delivers Update information for a user's entire software profile. In addition to much-improved software recognition, the new version 2.0 also allows users to rate their programs. 

January 15, 2008
UpdateStar 1.2 released: Freeware reduces vulnerability by keeping your software up-to-date

With the new version 1.2, Berlin-based exono GmbH releases the enhanced Beta version of UpdateStar. The freeware UpdateStar eases every computer user’s software life by keeping all installed programs bang up-to-date. Enhancements to the new version 1.2 include improvements of the software recognition algorithms to maximize the number of correctly detected programs.

December 21, 2007
UpdateStar acquires the first 50,000 users

Within the first three months since its initial release in September 2007 UpdateStar has so far gained a user base of 50,000 users. The UpdateStar software project, launched in Berlin, Germany, uses this growing user base to make sure it keeps software setups bang up-to-date.

December 11, 2007
UpdateStar starts Partner Program for media partners

With the start of the UpdateStar partner program media partners can, with immediate effect, promote their very own version of UpdateStar and start making a profit with no time restrictions. The larger the installation base of a partner version, the more attractive the profit potential for the partner becomes.

November 19, 2007
UpdateStar keeps PC software up-to-date

The company exono GmbH from Berlin, Germany introduces its freeware UpdateStar version 1.1 as a Beta version. With UpdateStar, users can make sure they keep their software bang up-to-date.
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