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AppCleaner 3 Freeware removes obsolete files on your computer including temporary files, history, cookies, internet logs and many more from 2000 software programs - more than any other cleaner. Frees up disk space and optimizes overall performance. Give it a try!
It optimizes computer performance and is easy to use on a daily basis.
Awards & Reviews
Overall, the software is a valuable addition to the utility kit of any PC owner. AppCleaner has gotten high ratings across multiple software vendors, such as ChipOnline, Instalski, The WindowsClub, Softonic and many more, thereby proving its worth.

The software is free, easy to use with a simplistic design, customizable and has multiple key features built into it, making it a jack of all trades.- MADDOWNLOAD.COM, March 2020
AppCleaner is a program to optimize the operating system. With its help users can remove redundant and unused files stored on the hard drive and clean up the remains from installed web browsers.

The program has a mechanism for optimizing the system. It not only cleans the system of unnecessary files, but also accelerates and increases the performance. AppCleaner removes remnants of uninstalled applications and also effectively cleans other items included in the operating system. Among them it is worth mentioning outdated shortcuts, temporary files, old log files and many more.-, September 2015
AppCleaner: Delete unwanted Windows tools - In a review in the online magazine CHIP Online the editors summarize: "The AppCleaner is a free Windows cleaning utility. This CCleaner alternative analyzes easily your computer and removes obsolete files. According to UpdateStar the tool removes unwanted files of more than 960 software programs.

With the "Cleaner" you can remove temporary files, histories and cookies. The "Extras" menu helps to uninstall Windows programs and remove unwanted Startup entries. The "Options" menu helps to securely overwrite free space on the hard disks using several safe data erasure methods to choose from: from simple and fast to Gutmann with 35 overwriting passes. Good for removing obsolete data trash and the hard disk stays clean."- CHIP /, March 2013
AppCleaner, a power-packed junk cleaner for Windows -  In a review in the online magazine The Windows Club /  the editor writes: "AppCleaner is yet another freeware that will help you keep your Windows installation clean and junk-free. This free junk cleaner helps identify and delete obsolete data and junk-files, for a clutter-free disk and better privacy. It also includes a registry cleaner, which removes unused and old entries from the Windows Registry [...]

Today the standard against which free Cleaners are invariably compared is CCleaner. I have to say that with the options being offered by AppCleaner 2.0, it could well be a strong contender for the #1 position."- The Windows Club /, March 2013
AppCleaner is a great choice - In a review on CNET the editors summarize: "AppCleaner is a great choice for inexperienced users since it keeps them from doing harm and helps educate them about their registry and system as they use it. For advanced users, AppCleaner has the flexibility, power, and no-nonsense layout you've been looking for." - CNET /, October 2011
Dispose of garbage - In a review in the German computer magazine CHIP the editors summarize: "AppCleaner is a direct competitor for CCleaner, yet built up a bit clearer. The software cleans Windows and its applications from redundant files, links and registry references.

Additionally it can remove autostart entries and uninstall applications. You can also directly access system restore points. Under >> Options / Settings << you can find a feature for the secure deletion and overwriting of free space on your hard disk." - CHIP, October 2011
AppCleaner, Temporary File Cleaner From The Makers Of UpdateStar - In a review on the softonic website the editor summarizes: "AppCleaner is a simple system optimization tool that features a bunch of quick cleaning and maintenance under one single window.

Though AppCleaner doesn't really include any revolutionary feature or any utility you can't already find in Windows, it offers you an easier, more comfortable environment to access and use them.

The interface In AppCleaner is divided into three main tabs: Cleaner, Tools and Options. In Cleaner you'll find four more tabs (Apps, Browsers, Registry and Windows) where you can select the elements you want AppCleaner to get rid of: browser cache and internet history, temporary files, lists of recent documents, invalid Registry keys and more. The Tools tab, on the other hand, includes utilities to uninstall software from your system and remove selected applications from system startup.

Before you apply any changes, AppCleaner lets you create a backup in case the changes to the Registry cause any problems and you need to roll them back. If only the program let you add new apps to clean their traces, it would be perfect!

AppCleaner doesn't include any revolutionary features, but it's still a handy, easy-to-use utility with a bunch of cleaning and maintenance utilities for your system." - softonic, July 2011
Clean and optimize your system the easy way - In a review on the website the editors summarize: "AppCleaner is a new contender, created by the developers of the software updater Update Star. The program is currently offered as a beta version for all recent versions of the Windows operating system."

And the editors continue: "A click on the analyze button checks all enabled items for temporary files and displays the findings in list form in the interface. AppCleaner displays the overall size of the temporary data as well as the name, size and amount of each individual item. A click on Clean deletes the temporary files on the system.

AppCleaner comes with three tools, a tool to uninstall software, to manage startup items and a third to manage system restore points. They are nice to have but only as comfortable as the default Windows tools for the job.

AppCleaner is a program to look out for. It is currently in beta and it is likely that the developers will continue working on it to improve it further. It is a solid CCleaner alternative..." -, June 2011
No. 1 is clearly the AppCleaner, which has provided a great performance for me - In a software comparison review the editors summarize: "Bottom line for me after a first run: I like the AppCleaner very much and offers me a good alternative to CCleaner. Something to definitely look after once the BETA phase ends. A clear recommendation." - Beatmasters WinLite Blog, June 2011

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