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UpdateStar Online Backup
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Demo / Commercial
System Utilities / Security
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1 computer license, 1 year $69.95
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UpdateStar Online Backup means secure, unlimited and user-friendly backup. Data disasters can strike in many ways. Chances are you have precious data stored on your PC or netbook.
Long description 
UpdateStar Online Backup means secure, unlimited and user-friendly backup. Data disasters can strike in many ways. Chances are you have precious data stored on your PC or netbook. That's why it is always a good idea to use a secure offsite backup. No matter, if your hard drive crashes, your PC gets stolen, or you simply deleted the wrong files, with UpdateStar Online Backup you are on the safe side.

Do you have important or even irreplaceable contents stored on your computer? Documents, photos, music, financials to name just a few, how would you feel if these files where gone? There are quite some possibilities to lose important files. It can happen easily - a hard drive crash, theft, a natural disaster, or simply an accidental deletion of files. These examples are all very real possibilities. UpdateStar Online Backup offers protection for your data. You can get easily started with a risk-free trial. Discover how easy it is to protect irreplaceable digital contents of your computer.

Once installed UpdateStar Online Backup works in the background of your PC. You will love how easy it is to set up and get started. It creates offsite backups of your important files and looks for new and changed files to be backed up. UpdateStar Online Backup will do a differential backup every day. Your PC's default folders are automatically backed up - and you can easily add and remove folders to be included in your backup.

Why put your digital life at risk? 1GB, 100GB or 1000GB of important data? No problem! Protect yourself, because when it comes to your digital life a copy of your precious data is the most important thing - apart from the original data.
Target audience 
UpdateStar Online Backup is aimed at users who rely on their files and data. And this amount of data is growing day by day. Novice users as well as expert users can easily protect themselves from a potential loss of their precious data.
Key Features 
 Secure offsite backup to prevent data loss caused by local data disasters

 Easy-to-use Plug&Play approach

 Unlimited backup storage

 Secure and encrypted

 Private encryption key management

 Easy file recovery handling

 Highly affordable solution

and many more...
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Requirements  Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
Technical Support
Contacts  Press: Frank Alperstaedt, Tel +49-30-692006520, Email 

General info: Tel +49-30-69200652, Email
Trademarks  UpdateStar and UpdateStar logos are copyrighted trademarks. 
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