UpdateStar Download Manager FAQ
The UpdateStar Download Manager is a small ad-supported download manager that supports our users to securely deliver software downloads. Tests have shown that as many users fail to complete initiated download and to install the software. The UpdateStar Download Manager aims at improving this process by guiding the user through the process of the download and enabling the user to easily find and execute the software Download Manager. For more information, please read the below FAQ.
Why a download manager?
The UpdateStar Download Manager improves the user experience and guides users through the download process, enabling the user to easily find and execute the software Download Manager.
How does the UpdateStar Download Manager improve the download experience?
By downloading with the UpdateStar Download Manager you are guaranteed that the file you install has been checked. Only software that is checked by the UpdateStar team may be delivered via the Download Manager. Thanks to the steps-by-step guide provided by the Download Manager, more users are able to complete the download process and find the Download Manager to initiate the installation of the downloaded software. UpdateStar is supported by advertising partners, plus we include offers for additional downloads from advertisers as part of our Download Manager process. All of the offers you can find in our Download Manager are carefully screened and chosen.
Is all the software on UpdateStar delivered via the Download Manager?
No. The UpdateStar Download Manager is being used for a limited number of Windows software downloads. At this time we are still evaluating its performance and incorporating feedback from the users and developer community.
How do I use the UpdateStar Download Manager?
After clicking “Download”, save the Download Manager locally. Afterwards launch the downloaded file and follow the instructions to complete the download and install your software. You must remain connected to the Internet in order to complete the process.
Why do I see offers for additional software during the download?
The UpdateStar Download Manager is sometimes supported by advertisers for additional 3rd-party software. Offers clearly identifiable advertisement may be shown during the download process. All offers provide a clear method for rejecting the additional software offer before proceeding.
Will additional items be installed on my computer?
The UpdateStar Download Manager does not install itself on your computer and it does not leave additional components behind. If you have accepted a 3rd-party offer, the additional software that you have agreed to will be installed on your computer.
Who do I contact with questions about the UpdateStar Download Manager?
If you have an additional question related to the UpdateStar Download Manager, please contact our customer support.
Help with products offered by the UpdateStar Download Manager
Below you can click the product you wish to receive support for to be taken to the product's support page, or click the "Uninstall Instructions" link for instructions on how to uninstall an offer.



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