Unlimited storage for you. Free 30-Day Trial.
As a computer user you need a backup! Our new Online Backup 4 protects your files with a state-of-the-art offsite backup service - encrypted and safe. Feel free to compare us with competing services!
Our Hybrid Protection encrypts backup files with a 256-bit encryption plus a 128-bit transfer encryption. Press and customers with 130,000 user accounts give our service excellent reviews. Try our service for free!
Key Technologies
Hybrid Protection #1: An individual 256-bit Rijndael encryption key encrypts files and all files are transferred and stored in encrypted format

Hybrid Protection #2: For extra security files are transferred using an 128-bit transfer encryption

Unlimited backup storage with a flat fee price scheme, transparent and affordable

Saves time and bandwidth with file compression and differential backup technology

Creates block-level incremental backups 365 days a year

Supports connected external drives

Runs silently in the background of your computer

Reaccess your backup data from any internet-connected computer

30-day backward file versioning backups kept

Easy setup to get started within minutes

Licenses easily transferable to other computers

Set&Forget scheduling policy

Backup your data offsite
Once installed UpdateStar Online Backup works in the background on your PC. You will love how easy it is to set up and get started. It creates daily offsite backups of your important files. Your PC's default folders are automatically backed up - and you can easily add folders or complete drives to be included in your backup. All different daily backups are stored for the last 30 days backwards and the latest backup is stored as long as your license lasts. Try it and learn how easy is is to get started with our Getting Started guide.
Because data loss can happen
Do you have important or even irreplaceable content stored on your computer? Documents, photos, music, financials, business files to name just a few, how would you feel if these files where gone? There are quite some possibilities to lose important files. It can happen easily - a hard drive crash, theft, a natural disaster, or simply an accidental deletion of files. These examples are all very real possibilities. UpdateStar Online Backup offers protection for your files. Discover how easy it is to protect irreplaceable digital content of your computer. You can get easily started with a risk-free trial.
Secure and encrypted
Your files are encrypted before they ever leave your PC. The offsite transfer is done with a secure connection before the encrypted files are stored encrypted on UpdateStar backup server facilities. This means maximum privacy for your backed up files. When you create an UpdateStar Online Backup account in the first place you get a private key ensuring that you are the only one who can access and read your private files. Export and/or print this private key and store it in a safe place! 
To save time and keep usage bandwidth low UpdateStar Online Backup compresses your files before they are transferred to our backup servers.
Safe storage
Your backed up files are stored in safe environments. Your backups are stored in professional and monitored storage environments with backups of backups made, with redundant power and internet connections. Our secure data centers are located in Germany and other European countries, with optimal internet infrastructures ensuring optimal data transfer speeds.
Supports external drives
UpdateStar Online Backup supports fixed external drives, if you selected files from an external drive to be a part of your backup. If you unplug the external drive, UpdateStar Online Backup detects the files as gone. Backups of these files will be deleted like all gone files after 30 days on our servers.
Easy file recovery
If you lose files locally, it only takes a few minutes to reaccess the backups. Always make sure to have your private encryption key stored in a safe place. The encryption key allows you - and only you - to get access to your securely backed up data again.
Affordable and unlimited storage
UpdateStar makes online backup easy for everyone with affordable prices. Compare our prices and features with the competition or the cost for redundant external hard drive backups plus additional backup software, or the pile of CD's you would need to keep creating current backups of your files yourself. Add to this the advantages of offsite backup, such as security and automation, and we are sure that you will agree that UpdateStar is a competitive solution.
About our data centers
The data centres uses redundant components and error tolerant technologies (such as server clusters, software mirroring and hardware mirroring) in order to secure the service and data, and they are available at all hours. This ensures that in a case of server breakdown it will not affect your data in any way. Independent revision confirms that our facilities and processes are in accordance with the industry standards.

All of our data centres are equipped with the newest cooling systems with optimal air cooling, ensuring the optimal conditions for our comprehensive IBM hardware setup. In addition, all of our data centres have fire alarms and fire extinguishing equipment installed, protecting the facilities in the unlikely case of fire. The data centres lives up to the strictest security standards, including surveillance, access control systems with key cards, and all the centres are under 24/7 surveillance.


Redundant power architecture ensures that all the backups are secure, even in a case of a power outage. This is ensured by a number of UPS’ (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) and diesel powered generators, which will instantly take over in case of a power outage.

Fibre connection

We are working with leading providers of fibre, such as Global Connect, Telenor and Telia; all of whom guarantees a 100% up time. All connections to our fibre providers are redundant. This means that even if one connection is cut off by accident, another one will be available.

Network surveillance

All our providers of network fibre are keeping constant supervision of the network, always keeping a 24/7 surveillance, as well as taking proactive steps to minimize the risk of errors.

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