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As a computer user you need a backup! Our new Online Backup 4 protects your files with a state-of-the-art offsite backup service - encrypted and safe. Feel free to compare us with competing services!
Our Hybrid Protection encrypts backup files with a 256-bit encryption plus a 128-bit transfer encryption. Press and customers with 130,000 user accounts give our service excellent reviews. Try our service for free!
UpdateStar Online Backup stores all your files securely encrypted. This means maximum privacy for your backups. When you create an UpdateStar Online Backup account in the first place you get a private key ensuring that you are the only one who can access and read your private files. You may create and print your personal BackupID with your encryption key.

With your BackupID you be assured to be able to reaccess your backup data, which lies encrypted on our secure servers. Carry this BackupID always with you or store it in a safe place.
Step 1: Export Your Encryption Key
UpdateStar Online Backup allows you to export your encryption key and store it as a file. Simply click on the "Export Encryption Key" link under the "User" tab to start the export.
Step 2: Fill-out the BackupID
Open the template for the BackupID as PDF document. Now fill out the template and copy/paste your exported encryption key. Simply open the exported file from Step 1 and copy it.
Step 3: Print the BackupID
Print the BackupID. We recommend a 50% scaling on a letter printer. Bend and fold your created BackupID and keep it in a safe place.

That was it. You are now on the safe side, when a data disaster strikes.

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