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As a computer user you need a backup! Our new Online Backup 4 protects your files with a state-of-the-art offsite backup service - encrypted and safe. Feel free to compare us with competing services!
Our Hybrid Protection encrypts backup files with a 256-bit encryption plus a 128-bit transfer encryption. Press and customers with 130,000 user accounts give our service excellent reviews. Try our service for free!
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Typical customers
The costs of recovering or replacing lost files can be much higher, compared with our very affordable backup solution. Plus it is impossible to replace unique data, e.g. in cases of theft or a fire. And every hard drive can fail all the time. Our backup service is most popular among these user groups:
Freelancers & Self-Employed, often architects, designers, engineers, consultants for only $14.10 net a month (1 year $169)
Small and medium-sized businesses and start-ups for only $14.10 net a month (1 year $169)
Home users with important personal files for only $5.95 a month (1 year $69.95)
Why backup?
Once you have files stored on your PC that are important, no backup is not an option. And the amount of stored and relevant data grows day by day. Imagine the time to regain or rebuild the data and files, worse, when the potentially lost documents, pictures or financials where unique and cannot be rebuild.

However you do your backup, onsite or offsite, with or without UpdateStar Online Backup, always make sure to have a backup of your precious data. Because is happens every day. Hard drives fail, computers get stolen, and files are erased accidentally or deliberately. It is a good feeling to be on the safe side. A loss of important data can be awkward in the best case, but disastrous in worse cases.
Why offsite?
What's a backup worth that can get lost? And it can happen easily. A hard drive failure or a fire, to name only two causes for data loss. In these cases not only your original data is gone, but the backups also. A secure offsite backup of your data solves all these problems. Stored encrypted on UpdateStar's safe server facilities your files are safer than at your own home.
Choose a trusted service provider
Feel free totest-drive our service and support and compare us with competitive offers! We think when it comes to user-friendliness, security and affordability we offer one of the leading solutions in the area of offsite backup. Comparable service providers often offer limited backup space or higher prices. Some charge customers for every GB of backed up data, which makes it hard to calculate the cost of the backup service in advance. But no matter which product you choose, make sure to use one of the major and trusted players in the online backup market like Mozy, Carbonite or UpdateStar.

You are invited to compare UpdateStar Online Backup with the competition with regards to security, functionality, ease-of-use, stability and price. Feel free to test-drive UpdateStar Online Backup using our free trials.
Compare with other security software
We believe when it comes to computer security, a user's backup should be top priority. Simply because your backed up data always acts as your last resort. Other security products such as Antivirus and Internet Security Software Suites are surely important to keep your PC securely running, but your own data and data backup should always be a top priority. Because what's all PC security worth when you lost your data?!
Compare with traditional backup
So you already you do backups the traditional way, e.g. locally on an external hard drive or other media. That is at least better than having no backup. But disaster strikes in all kinds of forms, e.g. a backup media failure or theft. In the latter case your data is not only lost for you, but someone else has it, if you did not encrypt your backup data. You choose what's worse. A piece of advice: If you store important data and create local backups, make sure to encrypt your data locally also.
Two myths about backups
There are a number of old myths around the subject backup - too difficult, too expensive, hard drives are secure media, etc. Due to improved knowledge these are nowadays outdated and computer users are aware that a backup of important data at home makes sense and for professional users is mission-critical without question.

The following two myths are persistent until today among many users.
Myth 1: Backups at home are safe
According to popular belief, backups at home are safe. This is unfortunately not so. Backups at home are always at risk one way or the other. For example there is no protection from theft and other disasters can lead to data loss, eg fire, etc. For the same reasons you do not store cash under the mattress at home, but deposit the money in a well protected bank, you should not store your backups at home. Because an online backup provides the important local separation of original data and data backups, only this way data is effectively protected against such risks.
Myth 2: Online backup is insecure
This is also a widespread legend, some of which is even true if users upload their data to storage space of service providers such as Google and Microsoft often transmitted or stored unencrypted. Third parties can basically access these unencrypted data, so it is unsecure. Furthermore, these non-specialized services do not provide any guarantee that the data will be available the next day. Therefore we do not recommend to store important files by using unsecure services. Online backup services of serious players such as Mozy, Symantec, or UpdateStar offer protection through the use of high-security encryption combined with secure data centers. With these service providers your backups are in good hands. 130,000 user accounts are managed on our server facilities. Only an encrypted offsite data backup offers complete protection - safer than at home.

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