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As a computer user you need a backup! Our new Online Backup 4 protects your files with a state-of-the-art offsite backup service - encrypted and safe. Feel free to compare us with competing services!
Our Hybrid Protection encrypts backup files with a 256-bit encryption plus a 128-bit transfer encryption. Press and customers with 130,000 user accounts give our service excellent reviews. Try our service for free!
If you cannot find an answer to one of your questions under this section, please send an email to our support team with your technical questions. Send an email to our sales team for all licensing related questions. We are always here to help!
How secure is UpdateStar Online Backup?
UpdateStar Online Backup offers excellent security features. We use an industry standard individual 256-bit encryption to encrypt all files locally before they are backuped on our servers. We additionally use a 128-bit transfer encryption when sending data to our server facilities.
How do I know my backups run successfully?
UpdateStar Online Backup shows you status messages on your desktop. You can also manually check your backups at any time within the client under the 'Restore' tab's "View all backups" link.
I forgot my password. How can I get a new one?
You can request a new password with your email address at any time. Request a new password here. You will receive an email with your new password.
Why keep a safe copy of my private encryption key?
You need a copy of your encryption key to get access to your account using a different computer after a fatal system crash for example. We always recommend that you keep at least one copy of your encryption key in a safe place when using UpdateStar Online Backup. You can save a copy on a USB device or print it out on paper. You can also easily create and print a BackupID including your encryption key.
What happens if I lose my private encryption key?
If you should lose your encryption key you can purchase an Encryption Key Recovery and we will process a recovery for you. The recovery is managed in a complex offline process including several internal security checks and it takes 10 working days to process a key restore.
When does UpdateStar Online Backup backup my files?
UpdateStar Online Backup backups the files and folders you have selected on a daily basis. The backup will be done in the background. Should the backup be interrupted, it will continue where it stopped when possible.
Can I control when a backup should be done?
UpdateStar Online Backup offers scheduling settings you can adapt to your needs.
Does UpdateStar Online Backup create a full backup each day?
If you have large amounts of data, a full backup would take quite an amount of time. UpdateStar Online Backup compensates for that by only doing a backup of changed or new files, as well as saving the full restore version for the latest 30 days.
Where are my files saved?
Your backup is encrypted and saved in our state of the art server centers, found at separate geographical locations only within Germany and Denmark with highest data security and privacy regulations. These server centers handle large business solutions and already more than 130.000 hosting accounts.
How long will it take to backup my files?
How long a backup takes depends on multiple factors; such as number of files and how fast your internet connection is. A quick example: If you have an upload speed of 512 kbit, you can upload 3 MB per minute. That is approximately 6 hours for 1 GB. If you have 10 GB files (songs, pictures etc.) the backup will take up to 3 days the first time; however, after doing the first backup, UpdateStar Online Backup will only backup new or changed files (UpdateStar Online Backup can actually stop at only saving the changed part of a large file) - so after the first long backup it will be very fast.
I have a subscription. How can I cancel?
UpdateStar uses a maximal customer-oriented policy. You can cancel an automatic renewal at any time, one day before your subscription expires, if you like. Use the provided cancellation link in your license email or send us an email. You can also purchase a license without automatic renewal at all by choosing this option in your shopping cart. If you have any additional licensing questions, please send us an email.
Can I purchase a license with or without subscription?
Yes, simply choose the option you prefer in the article area in your shopping cart in our Store. If you have purchased your license from a reseller, you will need to manually renew your license after license period has ended! If you have any additional licensing questions, please send us an email.
Do I receive software updates for UpdateStar Online Backup?
Yes, software updates are free for our subscription based products. We understand this as a part of the world-class customer service we provide. Your UpdateStar Online Backup will automatically download and update your installation in the background.
Do you support 64 Bit Windows systems?
Yes, we support 64 bit Windows systems natively. Simply download the 64 Bit installer from the product's website.
Do you support bandwidth throttling?
Yes, when UpdateStar Online Backup detects other programs using the network connection it will upload backup data at a reduced speed. This is an adaptive process that runs continuously. Upload speed will be increased again when the other program stops using bandwidth. It works by alternating between a short measuring phase where the upload speed is measured and a transmit phase where UpdateStar Online Backup uploads at 90% of the measured speed.
How do I restore my files, if I need to?
Restoring files from a backup is very simple. If you need to restore your files to a new PC, you will need to install the client software on the new PC first. Afterwards you log in using your e-mail and password, and then you import your private digital key. Under the 'Restore' tab in your client, all your backups are listed. You can also see the latest restore you've done. Pick the backup you want to restore.
How long will it take to restore my files?
Restoring your file is faster than creating the backup. Your internet connection is normally 4 times as fast when downloading data than uploading.
Does UpdateStar work with Mac or Linux?
No, we concentrate on providing our users with the best-of-breed Windows-based offsite backup available on the market.
Can I backup windows server?
Yes if you have a server license you can backup files from any Microsoft Windows server. We support Windows from XP SP 2 and newer.
Can I make system restore?
Yes, if you use Microsoft Windows server you can use the Microsoft tool called NT Backup or Windows Server Backup tool depending on the version you run to make backups of your system state. You can configure the tool to make a copy of the system state locally and then use UpdateStar Online Backup to backup these files.
Can I backup my Microsoft SQL Server?
Yes, if your server runs VSS or Windows Shadow Copy you can have UpdateStar Online Backup backup your databases directly. However it is advisable to set up your SQL Server to make scheduled backups of your databases to truncate your logfiles into a separate directory and then have UpdateStar Online Backup backup these directories.
Can I backup Microsoft Exchange Server?
Yes. You must have VSS services running. UpdateStar Online Backup will initiate backups of any exchange store through VSS service and this will prompt your Exchange server to ensure the copy of the store is consistent. Since Microsoft does not officially supports individual mailbox backups also known as Brick-level backup and restore, it is not advised to implement this type of backup.
Can I backup any other server side application?
You should consult your vendors documentation as to how the application is backed-up and restored. UpdateStar Online Backup will be able to backup files and directories associated with this application. You might need to write a script that will close down the application and move the files and/or folders to a place where UpdateStar Online Backup can make a consistent backup of these files and/or folders. However if the application supports VSS UpdateStar Online Backup will be able to perform backups without any problems of your server application.
Should I be aware of Reparse Points?
Reparse points is not supported by UpdateStar Online Backup. Reparse Points can be used to create a "virtual" folder structure where files are showed as present in one folder, even though the actual file is located elsewhere. Always validate your backup by restoring and testing the files intended to be present to secure that future backups cover the intended data.
Can you help me configure my server setup and backup configurations?
UpdateStar cannot assist on your system design and server setup in order to configure and setup your backup plan. We'd love to, but we don't have the resources to do this.

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