Find lost software licenses on your computer
Why UpdateStar Product Key Finder? Because losing license information is an annoying and expensive experience!
Home users and enterprise users alike love it, as it finds hidden license information and keys for 8,000 software vendors and products.
Awards & Reviews
Find lost serial keys with "UpdateStar Key Finder" -  In a review on the CHIP website the editors write: "Product Key Finder helps you to locate important serial numbers and other license information stored on your computer. Often expensive licenses can now be saved as a file or printed. Product Key Finder can be used on local computers as well as on the network machines. In addition, it can also be used in cases of a hard disk or system crash, if the involved media is still accessible.

To make sure nothing happens to your license keys, the software starts with an analysis you system. The "Key Finder" lists all the tools that are protected with  licenses, product IDs or serial numbers. Save this list to have it available in an emergency. Tip: You can expand the search on your network."

The conclusion of the editors: "The "UpdateStar Key Finder" saves annoying discussions with manufacturers and you may save money otherwise needed for new licenses." - CHIP, September 2012

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