Full computer clean up and real-time maintenance
UpdateStar Repair 10 is your all-in-one product to keep your computer in shape - now with real-time monitoring.
Repair 10 includes 20 diagnostics and repair modules. You can defrag your hard disks, clean out junk and repair registry, clean up your web browsers to help protect your privacy, recover deleted files and so much more. 
How do I register UpdateStar Repair?
If you have already installed Repair, please follow these steps:

Copy your license key from the order confirmation e-mail. To do this, highlight the key in the email then right-click on it and choose Copy. Launch Repair and go to the "Help / About" menu. Click in "Register you license". In the window that appears, right-click inside the registration field and choose Paste to enter your license key. Press the "REGISTER" button to complete registration.

If you have not installed Repair yet, please install it first and then follow the instructions above to register the program. You can download Repair using this link.

Possible problems:
If you are getting a message that you are using a code for a previous Repair version, this could mean that you did not enter the complete license code. Some characters might be missing either at the end or at the beginning. If you are getting a message that the code is incorrect, there might be a space either before, after, or in the middle of the code. Please remove this space.
How do I install a new version?
You do not need to uninstall you current version of Repair. Follow these steps instead:

Download the latest version of the program

Double-click on the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard

Follow the prompts. The program will automatically remove you current version of Repair and install the new one

Does Repair support Windows 8 and Windows 10? Does it work with 64-bit processors?
Repair supports the following Windows versions:

Windows Vista with SP2 (32-bit)
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
It does not support Windows XP, 2000, 95, 98, 98SE or Windows ME

What language versions are available?
Repair is available in English and German.

How long is my license valid?
The licenses are usually 1-year licenses with attractive update prices. To get your own update license, please click here.

What are Windows services?
A Windows service is a long-running program that performs specific functions and is designed not to require user intervention. Usually, Windows services start on system start up and run in the background the whole time Windows is running.

Once a service is installed, it can be managed by launching Services from the Windows Control Panel => Administrative Tools or typing Services.msc in the Run command window of the Start menu. Note that disabling services may cause your computer to work incorrectly and therefore should only be done by advanced users.

Repair includes a simplified service manager to help users of any computer experience level to disable the services your computer does not need, and keep the required ones active.

What does service performance impact mean?
Each service uses computer resources - memory, processor or hard disk(s). To help you establish which services are the most resource-heavy and whether you need them for your everyday computer activities, we created the Performance Impact reference.

I did not receive my license information. How do I fix this?
An email with your license information is immediately dispatched after payment of your order has been processed. Depending on your chosen payment method you receive your license information within minutes or within a few days. I will be send to the email address you used with your order. Please contact our support, if you have not received your licensing information as expected

Where can I find the End User License Agreement?
You have to accept the End User License Agreement when installing the program on your computer. You can also find it by following this link.

Is it possible to roll back the changes made by Repair?
Yes, you can roll back all changes through Rescue Center which you can access through the program’s interface (go to Repair -> at the lower left-hand corner find and click on Backups). Once Rescue Center is open, select a backup from the list and click the Restore button.

My program is registered, but I got a message that the license key is illegal. Why did that happen and what to do?
Most likely, your license key was automatically disabled because the limit of activation attempts had been exceeded. Please contact our technical support team. Be sure to include the e-mail address you used to order the program and the order number, if you have it.
Where are Rescue Center backups stored on my computer?
Restoring a Rescue Center backup is easier from the program interface. However, if you need to have access to the backups for other purposes, such as including them in your regular file backup, here is what the path to Rescue Center files usually looks like: С:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\UpdateStar\Repair\Rescue\. <UserName> will be replaced with your actual user name on your computer.

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