Full computer clean up and real-time maintenance
UpdateStar Repair 10 is your all-in-one product to keep your computer in shape - now with real-time monitoring.
Repair 10 includes 20 diagnostics and repair modules. You can defrag your hard disks, clean out junk and repair registry, clean up your web browsers to help protect your privacy, recover deleted files and so much more. 
Why you need UpdateStar Repair
As a computer user you know how it feels when your computer is getting slower and slower the longer you use it. These problems may be caused by the amount of clutter on your computer, as well as invalid registry entries, plus huge amounts of fragmented files, and incorrect network or system settings, and a number of other things.

Repair is here to help with these issues

Scan, identify and solve issues behind reduced performance

Defrag your hard disk drive

Clean out junk and repair registry

Speed up your computer and clean up your web browser left-overs

Protect your privacy

Recover deleted files

20 easy-to-use computer maintenance wizards and modules
New in version 10

Intelligent real-time monitoring and maintenance

System Advisor to monitor your computer and suggest tweaks for best performance

Improvements and optimizations in all modules

Colour schemes for an individual program interface
Want more? Repair offers 20 maintenance modules and wizards

Defragment your files for maximum hard drive efficiency

Stop services you do not need to free up memory space

Explore your disk drives and find largest files

Free up hard disk space from junk files

Disable unnecessary start up items for faster boot up

Optimize system settings for improved experience

Recover deleted files
System Advisor
These modules periodically check your computer to improve overall performance, security and other important aspects. Included are the three categories Performance, Stability and Security.  You can turn on and off these modules individually according to your needs. After a completed scan the System Advisor will offer a list of recommended tweaks sorted by category. You can choose to apply each tweak of choose to apply all. Some tweak require a reboot of the computer to become effective.

Live Speedup
This module comes with six live maintenance tools monitoring your computer in real-time. The tools included are Memory Optimization, Processor Optimization, SSD Optimization, Disk Priority Manager, Desktop Protection and Service Optimization. You can choose to turn on and off these modules individually according to your needs. You can find detailed information when you select a module.

System Privacy
This module helps to protect sensitive private data. It erases confidential information from your browsers, system components and applications. The module lists two categories, Tracking Cookies and Adult Website Traces. After a scan you can see the total number of privacy traces found and choose to delete these.

All Tools
The All Tools sections offers a range of additional useful tools and modules designed to solve common tasks and issues you might have with your computer. The All Tools tab in the graphical user interface shows a full list of all included tools. To launch a tool, click on the tools' name and it will open in a separate window.

Get the free trial version and learn how easy it is to get started with our Getting Started guide.

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