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Already taken care of your latest backup? Remember, always backup all important files! Our intelligent backup bundle combines offline and online backup. It includes UpdateStar OnlineBackup as well as UpdateStar Local Backup. And you save with the bundle price!
UpdateStar Local Backup backups your important files and folders automatically and locally.
UpdateStar Online Backup offers unlimited and secure online backup.
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» 2 Products included with 1 PC Licenses
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only $74.95
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Please don't forget! Your backup is important.
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Backup Bundle with two products
Equip your computer with our award-winning products. The Backup Bundle includes all backup software you need for protecting your files.

This bundle includes licenses for these products
UpdateStar Online Backup means secure, unlimited and user-friendly backup. Data disasters can strike in many ways. Chances are you have precious data stored on your PC or netbook. That's why it is always a good idea to use a secure offsite backup. No matter, if your hard drive crashes, your PC gets stolen, or you simply deleted the wrong files, with UpdateStar Online Backup you are on the safe side.
UpdateStar Local Backup backups your important files and folders automatically. If you want to backup photos, videos and other important files on an external USB stick the software copies the original files as well as all changed versions of the the files and directories.
And you save with the bundle price!
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FAQ - Question Of The Day
Question: How secure is UpdateStar Online Backup?
UpdateStar Online Backup offers excellent security features. We use an industry standard individual 256-bit encryption to encrypt all files locally before they are backuped on our servers. We additionally use a 128-bit transfer encryption when sending data to our server facilities.
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