Update your device drivers and prevent hardware problems
97% of all computer problems are caused by missing, corrupt or outdated device drivers. The new UpdateStar Drivers 14 solves these problems and provides you with individual device driver updates.
The new and improved version 14 now accurately scans your computer and provides driver updates for 189,000 hardware devices.
When and how to use UpdateStar Drivers?
Outdated drivers can cause security and performance problems on your computer. Below you can find typical problems caused by outdated drivers and which can be fixed by updating your device drivers:

Prevents and fixes blue screens (BSOD) on your computer caused by drivers problems

Prevents and fixes error messages displayed error messages on your computer you do not understand

Prevents and fixes sound problems on your computer and/or speakers

Prevents and fixes video playing problems

Prevents and fixes webcam problems when webcam is not working properly

Prevents and fixes printer problems when printer is not correctly recognized by your computer

Prevents and fixes monitor display problems when monitor does not display graphics properly

Prevents and fixes 3D animation rendering problems

Prevents and fixes input devices, which do not function properly, such as such as your joystick, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and others

To prevent and solve many problems, you often need to download and install updated device drivers. But not just any driver will do. UpdateStar Drivers delivers exactly the drivers that suit your computer and system.
Provides driver updates for these devices
AC97 Drivers   Acer
Audio Drivers   ASUS
Bluetooth Drivers   BenQ
Chipset Drivers   Brother
DVD Drivers   Canon
Ethernet Drivers   Compaq
Firewire Drivers   Dell
Motherboard Drivers   Fujitsu
Printer Drivers   Hewlett Packard
Router Drivers   IBM
Sound Card Drivers   Intel
USB Drivers   Lenovo
Video Card Drivers   LG
Webcam Drivers   Logitech
Wireless Drivers   NEC
Windows XP Drivers   Panasonic
Windows Vista Drivers   Realtek
Windows 7 Drivers   Samsung
Supports more than 189,000 devices   Monitors 3,000 hardware device manufacturers

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