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UpdateStar Drivers
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Demo / Commercial
System Utilities / Security
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1 computer license, 1 year $29.95
Short description
UpdateStar Drivers accurately scans the computer, compares drivers, provides updates and auto-installs drivers to fix the computer and prevent stability problems.
Long description 
UpdateStar Drivers optimizes computer performance and user experience with a powerful driver management. Device drivers are software programs that communicate between the computer and hardware devices. It is important that users use only the most recent drivers on a computer, because outdated drivers can cause security and performance problems.

UpdateStar Drivers updates, backups and restores drivers. UpdateStar Drivers analyzes system drivers and recommends available drivers for the computer's hardware devices. Our driver database contains tens of thousands of device drivers for hardware devices such as motherboards, web cams, printers, video cards, sound cards, network cards, modems, monitors, keyboards, and many more.
Target audience 
UpdateStar Drivers is aimed at users who rely on the functionality and stability of their hardware devices. And the amount of hardware devices per user is growing day by day. Novice users as well as expert users can easily protect themselves from problems caused by outdated device drivers with this software.
Key Features 
 Automated search for device driver updates

 Easy to use interface scans, downloads, updates and installs drivers

 Accurately detects your computer brand and model, plus all connected hardware devices, including unplugged devices such as USB webcams, MP3 players

 The database supports more than 189,000 hardware devices

 Reliable database service maintained by automated crawlers, electronic driver file analysis, and manual reviews

 Fast driver downloads sourced from original manufacturers and relayed over our storage infrastructure for best availability

and many more...
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Requirements  Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and Vista
Technical Support
Contacts  Press: Frank Alperstaedt, Tel +49-30-692006520, Email 

General info: Tel +49-30-69200652, Email
Trademarks  UpdateStar and UpdateStar logos are copyrighted trademarks. 
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