Your daily local backup
Why UpdateStar Local Backup? Because your data is worth a backup copy! The software not only copies the original files but also future changes made to the files and directories.
The files are copied exactly and put on the target disk so that they can also be accessed using the Windows Explorer.
When and how to use Local Backup?
As a computer user with important files such as photos, videos or other files stored on your computer you need a backup! Below you can find examples why you should use Local Backup:

You want to protect yourself from a potential loss of files caused by a hardware failure

You want to save the cost of a recovery solution in case of a loss of data. The cost of recovering or replacing lost files can be much higher, compared with our very affordable backup solution

You want to backup unique data or files, because it is impossible to reproduce unique files such as old family pictures

Our users typically use our Local Backup in connection with UpdateStar Online Backup. These two products make a perfect fit combining offsite and online backup for best protection of your files.

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