Can you afford badly maintained contacts?
Stop wasting time on manually maintaining your contact data! It has never been more important to build and maintain business as well as private contact information.
SigParser analyzes signatures and recognizes the contact information. It simplifies the maintenance of your contact data.
Awards & Reviews
When manual maintenance of contact data information from emails needs too much effort, SigParser is the right place. - In a review on the website about SigParser: "The SigParser program gives you a tool that allows to analyze and export e-mail signature information and spare you in this way the manual maintenance of your contact data.

If you want to save an e-mail signature, you only need to copy itto the clipboard, and click the "Insert" button to SigParser to analyze the data. SigParser displays the results in the appropriate address fields to save the data." -, June 2016
Creating contacts for Outlook the easy way - SigParser makes it possible - In a review on the CHIP website about SigParser: "SigParser makes saving e-mail contacts based on the signature at the end of an email message simple. You just need the text in the Signature window and press on the Analyze button. In no time SigParser parses the signature by name, addresses and phone numbers.The data is now ready for an export as an e-mail contact to Outlook or vCard file." - CHIP, June 2010
Excellent - In a review on the Softonic download site, SigParser is given eight out of ten points and praised to provide wonderful help. Concluding, the reviewer says: "SigParser eases the assignment of individual contact details to the appropriate fields in the e-mail address book a two-click task. Especially in conjunction with Outlook it works great." -, June 2009
Recognizes names, addresses and telephone numbers and exports these - In a review in German computer magazine c't, SigParser is described as "Interesting addresses can be found in e-mails or web pages, word documents and in many other digital ways. How can these be used as elegantly as possible - without embarrassing copying - in one's own contacts? Simple: by copying the relevant section of text to the clipboard and letting SigParser analyze the data. The tool recognizes names, addresses and phone numbers, and exports them directly into Outlook or a vCard, an electronic business card, which can import many PIM and e-mail programs." - c't, March 2008

Saves you so much time - In a review on the Lockergnome site, the reviewer summarizes: "This saves you so much time, prevents annoying manual copy and paste processes, and with SigParser you prevent embarrassing manual typing errors - embarrassing for you and your business contacts." - Lockergnome, November 2009

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