Can you afford badly maintained contacts?
Stop wasting time on manually maintaining your contact data! It has never been more important to build and maintain business as well as private contact information.
SigParser analyzes signatures and recognizes the contact information. It simplifies the maintenance of your contact data.
When and how to use SigParser?
With SigParser outdated or erroneous contact information belongs to the past. Each day the contact data within one's own network is changing and needs to be maintained. Manually copying, creating and updating contact data takes time and is likely to include embarrassing typing errors. SigParser helps with its advanced contact pattern recognition and automates the process of keeping contact data up to date. This way you save precious time every time you use SigParser.
Return on investment after 20 contacts
Purchasing SigParser licenses typically creates a return on investment after a few contacts maintained, because the time save can be used beneficially elsewhere on the job.

Example: Let's assume the manual creation of a contact within Outlook or a CRM takes about 2 minutes. You need to create the contact card, copy the individual contact information into the according contact fields and correct the entries manually. With SigParser this process now takes less than 30 seconds, as it automatically recognizes and exports the contact field information. With only 40 maintained contacts you save 1 hour in time. And license cost for SigParser is only $24.95. After the first hour saved SigParser creates a positive return on investment. The calculation gets even better, if you apply our volume license prices for corporate customers.

Users typically use SigParser best for one of the following three reasons:
Analyze contact information from an email signature
You have received an email from a business contact. Select and copy the signature information which came with the email. Now open SigParser by clicking on the SigParser icon. Paste the information in the "Signature" field and click on "Analyze". SigParser's pattern scans and analyzes the information and fills the contact fields with recognized information. Now you can check the field entries and correct these, if necessary.
Create a new contact
After SigParser has analyzed the pasted contact information and you have corrected the contact field entries, click on "Export". SigParser exports the contact information to your Outlook or Thunderbird address book or to the preselected CRM software. You successfully created a new contact card for your business contact. You can use SigParser for all of your contacts to prevent the annoying manual copy and paste processes of contact data.
Update contact information of an existing contact
Once you clicked on the "Export" button within SigParser, Outlook might alert you that there already exists a contact card for this business contact. To prevent unnecessary duplicate contact cards, you will be asked, if you want to update the existing contact information. By agreeing your successfully updated the contact card of your business contact automatically. Alternatively you can create a new contact card, if it is a new contact. SigParser streamlines the process of updating all contact information in the future to prevent manual copying errors and to save time.

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