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How can we help you? If you are experiencing product issues or have questions regarding your UpdateStar account, please contact our technical support for further information. Your email request will be processed as soon as possible. Please note that technical support is for registered customers only. We also offer limited support for trials during the trial period and for our freeware products. We recommend to read the FAQ or help sections on the product pages to see if your question has already been answered there.

Email Support for Registered Users
Email Support Evaluation and Freeware Users
Premium Support
If you have purchased prioritized Premium Support with your UpdateStar product, please use the Premium Support support email address which was provided with your purchase. Your requests are highly prioritized and answered as fast as possible by our support team.
Top 3 current user questions
I can't find my product license. Can you help?
Please login to your free UpdateStar account on our website. Within your account you can find your UpdateStar license information. You can also add third-party license information and use our free account as a complete license repository. This way you will never lose a license again. Login to your account here.
My first online backup takes very long. Why that?
The best way to start with UpdateStar Online Backup is to start with some important files to see how our product works with the speed of your Internet connection. Create a first online backup and restore the files to learn how easy it is to use. Afterwards feel free to extend the number of files. The backup may take a while and runs in the background of your computer.
I updated a software product and UpdateStar keeps showing the product as outdated. Why that?
You did everything right. Unfortunately some software vendors internally deliver out-of-date version information, which is displayed by UpdateStar in some cases. We are working together with the third-party vendors to have them fix this in the future.

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