So UpdateStar is not yet available in your language and you'd like to create and use it yourself in another language? No problem! You can construct and translate your own language file any time you want and use UpdateStar in your own language.
UpdateStar Website Localization
You want to localize the UpdateStar web in your language? That's easy. Simply download our Strings file and use a suitable editor. You can find a suitable editor here. Please send us your localized strings file. We will be happy to implement the website in your language.
UpdateStar Client Localization
First check, if your language version is already available here.
If you have already translated UpdateStar and would like to make this language version available to other users, simply send your language file to We will gladly integrate this into the next UpdateStar version so that all UpdateStar users worldwide can use it too.
Three Steps to your own language version

Step 1: Download Editor

We recommend the freeware tool Resource Hacker for editing the language file. Please download and extract the freeware tool.

Step 2: Create Language Directory

In the UpdateStar installation directory /lang/ you can find all previously installed language files or language directories. Create a new language file folder and name it correctly in accordance with ISO.
A valid sub-directory in the UpdateStar /lang/ directory must be created in format xx-xx. The first two letters indicate the language code (ISO 639-1) while the last two indicate the country code (ISO 3166). A directory consisting of just the language code is also valid. 
The resources dll in the newly created directory must be copied from an already existing directory (EN, DE).

Step 3: Start Translation

Now start the Resource Hacker. Use "Open" in the menu "File" of the program to load the corresponding ustarrs.dll from the newly created /lang/ language file directory. All components will be displayed in the tree to the left. Only the sections

  • "Menu"
  • "Dialog" und
  • "String Table"

should be considered for localization and their strings translated. Should changes need to be applied, the button "Compile Script" should be clicked and when successful, saved in the "Menu" with "Save". After you have carried out steps 1-3, you should find your created language version available at the next start of UpdateStar.

Important Notes
Please note the following points to prevent errors:

  • Nothing should be deleted.
  • Only texts in quotation marks may be changed, all others must remain unchanged.
  • Many texts contain percent signs. The text here will be replaced during running time (mostly through variable numbers).
  • Everything directly following a percent sign, up till the next space, should not be changed or deleted. Otherwise, UpdateStar may no longer function.
  • Altered texts should not contain any ampersand ("&"). If there are ampersands in texts prior to translation, these should no longer be seen after translation.
  • \n indicates a line break and should not be changed.
Download Resource Hacker freeware tool
Which language version is already on file?
Send us your new language version

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