Can you afford badly maintained contacts?
Stop wasting time on manually maintaining your contact data! It has never been more important to build and maintain business as well as private contact information.
SigParser analyzes signatures and recognizes the contact information. It simplifies the maintenance of your contact data.
What is an e-mail signature?
An e-mail signature is the block of text at the end of an email that contains the sender's contact details.
Copying an e-mail signature
If you receive an e-mail from a person you want to add to your contacts, select the e-mail signature in your e-mail program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbirf) and copy it to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+C. Of course you can copy contact information from many other sources, for example from your web browser. 
Analyze contact

Copied from an email and
pasted into SigParser
Export contact

Sigparser exports the
information to your
address book,
for example Outlook
or Thunderbird
Analyzing contact data with SigParser
Start SigParser and click the Paste button. SigParser pastes the text copied to the clipboard into the signature field and analyzes the text. The different components of the contact data are displayed in the corresponding text fields of SigParser.
Exporting and creating contact information
SigParser offers you to create or update Outlook and Thunderbird contact information directly from within SigParser. Apart from that you can save contacts as vCard files (*.vcf). Thus, you can make use of your contact information and in many other programs and devices like mobile phones or PDAs. vCard is an international standard for the exchange of contact information and is supported by many software programs, including Microsoft Outlook. Learn more about:

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