User Survey
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Software licenses
Do you backup your software licenses?
I never backup my licenses. I wait until I lose one.
A few weeks ago
Just recently or few days ago
Have you ever lost a software license?
No, never
Yes, once
More than once
If you would lose and search for a software license, what do you do?
I search on my computer manually
I use software such as UpdateStar Product Key Finder to search for it
I purchase the software license again
If you would want a license for UpdateStar Product Key Finder, which one would you prefer?
1 PC license
3 PCs license, because I have multiple PCs
I would want more than 3 licenses or enterprise licensing
What do you especially like about UpdateStar (products, website, services)?
I like the portal's software and downloads
I like the unlimited updates and/or backup services
I like the free account to securely store my license information

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