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As a computer user you need a backup! Our new Online Backup 4 protects your files with a state-of-the-art offsite backup service - encrypted and safe. Feel free to compare us with competing services!
Our Hybrid Protection encrypts backup files with a 256-bit encryption plus a 128-bit transfer encryption. Press and customers with 130,000 user accounts give our service excellent reviews. Try our service for free!
Awards & Reviews
"UpdateStar Online Backup provides unlimited storage so you can backup your data effortlessly. It's an online backup tool that helps to backup files in no time. - In a review on maddownload.com the reviewer says: "It has a user-friendly interface along with a clean dashboard so that you can find all the options in one place. There is no doubt that online disasters can happen at any time, and we should always be ready for them. If you haven't backed up your data and want to do it as soon as possible, add this program to your list. It's a tool created by UpdateStar and provides you all the useful features that you are looking for. However, if you want to backup data of more than one PC, then you have to purchase the pro version."

And the editor continues: "As the name implies, it's a useful utility which consists of useful functions that you can use to backup your data. It provides an efficient solution to your problems and makes sure that you don't lose any important documents.

"If you are looking for a reliable application for home and business desktop computers, then UpdateStar Online Backup is the ideal choice for you. Besides, it's compatible with almost all Windows versions." - MADDOWNLOAD.COM, March 2021
From the first moment you sign up for an account with UpdateStar you can feel secure - In a review on BackupRewiez.com, the reviewer says: "The client, Online Backup 3, provides the user with security before, during, and after the files are transferred, using what they call Hybrid Protection. File compression is supported within the client, they allow unlimited storage, and uses incremental backups, maintaining versions for the last 30 days if you want. It can be set up for scheduling to keep from interfering with your internet needs, and will even back up entire disks, even external drives." And the editor continues: "From the first moment you sign up for an account with UpdateStar you can feel secure. They will send you a private key in your email that insure no access to your files will happen, then before your data leaves your PC, it will be encrypted with 256 bit encryption. Transfers are done using 128 bit encrypted tunneling, and the files are stored on the server in their original encrypted form. The data centers are secured by both physical and electronic surveillance. Redundant servers insure against hardware failure and network failure." - BackupReviewz.com, November 2011
Fast and easy online backup - In a review on the softonic website, the reviewer says: "With UpdateStar Online Backup users save documents, photos, videos and other files on UpdateStar's servers. The backups are available at anytime via an Internet connection. You can move the desired folders and files with one touch to your personal backup account with UpdateStar Online Backup. You can recover complete backups at any time on any computer later. Alternatively, individual folders or files can be accessed and recovered. The fee for the backup service occurs on a yearly basis." And the editor continues: "UpdateStar Online Backup uses a minimalistic approach and is easy to handle. With this program users have a quick and easy to use solution for online backups at hand..." - softonic, February 2011
Unlimited online backup space at an absolute bargain price - In a review in the computer magazine PC Advisor, the reviewer says: "The UpdateStar Online Backup service makes it easy to back up selected personal folders (Desktop, Favorites, Documents and so on), or you can specify particular folders you'd like to protect. Click Backup Now and the program will upload your files to UpdateStar's servers, and subsequently it'll run the backup automatically, no further intervention required." And the reviewer further: "Won't that use up a lot of storage? Yes, probably, but here's the best part - UpdateStar Online Backup doesn't impose any storage limits, you can have as much storage space as you need, and there's no "per GB"-style financial penalty. No matter how much you upload, the service will cost no more than $5.95 a month, or $69.95 if you pay annually. Unlimited online backup space at an absolute bargain price. If you've a lot of data that you'd like to protect then this looks like a really great deal." - PC Advisor, May 2010
Rating: Good / Secure and easy-to-use Internet backup - In a review in the computer magazine PC Magazin, the reviewer says: "Many users appreciate the benefits of an offsite backup, for example the location-independent availability and security of a large data center. This new product comes from UpdateStar and offers unlimited storage space for the backup copies on the online server. The user installs the Windows client, selects the folders to be backed up, and optionally defines days of the week when to run the backup. The program encrypts all files before transmission using SSL. Each successive backup transmits only changes of files. This so-called incremental backup takes place at the block level so that, for example in large databases, only the changed blocks need to be copied again. For restoring files the user has the choice between a full backup restore or an individual file restore." - PC Magazin (Germany), May 2010
Data securely stored on the Internet - In a review in the Computerbild magazine, the reviewer says: "Only those who regularly backup their data on external storage media or the Internet can restore them, in case the hard drive failes. To be prepared for this case, you need a program like UpdateStar Online Backup. It backs up important files automatically on the Internet and encrypts the data. This allows you to reacces the data anywhere in an emergency. You can restore the data this way very easy on a new computer or notebook. Helpful: The storage space for licensees is unlimited. " - Computerbild 09/2010, April 2010

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