Update your device drivers and prevent hardware problems
97% of all computer problems are caused by missing, corrupt or outdated device drivers. The new UpdateStar Drivers 15 solves these problems and provides you with individual device driver updates.
The new and improved version 15 now accurately scans your computer and provides driver updates for 189,000 hardware devices.
Awards & Reviews
TOTAL SCORE: 9. - In a review on maddownload.com the editor writes: "The UpdateStar Drivers comprises an automated crawler feature that helps to analyze the system and make sure to provide all the necessary information quickly. In addition, it also helps to add new drivers to the database."

And the editor summarizes: "So, if you want a tool that can help you to update your drivers regularly, then UpdateStar Drivers is the ideal choice for you." - MadDownload.com, April 2020
Scorecard: Driver detection: 5/5 stars User interface/ease-of-use: 4/5 stars - In a review on the ITWOLRD.com website the editor writes: "After an initial scan, UpdateStar Drivers tells you exactly how many updates are available for which devices. In my lab tests, I installed UpdateStar Drivers on a gaming machine that I haven't updated since October 2012. UpdateStar found 30 out of date drivers (by comparison, Windows Update offered only the latest Intel chipset drivers as an optional update). Clicking the "Download All" button initiated a driver backup routine first.

Next step, installing: Since installing a dozen (or more) drivers in one session would be risky, you'll have to install each driver individually. It's sort of painful to walk through the setup routine for each driver but UpdateStar Driver helps you a lot in getting organized and seeing at a glance all of the drivers that need updating. No more going through device manager or driver websites to check for updates."

And the editor summarizes: "Scorecard: Driver detection: 5/5 stars User interface/ease-of-use: 4/5 stars" - ITWORLD.com, March 2013
Reliably checks your system for outdated drivers - In a review on the CHIP website the editors summarize: "Once installed, 'UpdateStar Drivers' checks all the hardware drivers  installed for available updates. If newer drivers have been found in the manufacturer's database, 'UpdateStar Drivers' will suggest the updates.

The update process can be started with just one click. With a fast internet connection it is done just as quickly as the previous scan. A driver update is possible only after obtaining a one-year license. The extension of an existing license costs just 15 euros per year. In addition, 'UpdateStar Drivers' can secure existing drivers with a backup and restore these later, if needed; individually or all together."

And the editors summarize: "Conclusion: If you are only little familiar with device drivers, but want to always rely on a perfectly running system, this investment is worth considering." - CHIP, April 2013
Keeps installed drivers up to date - In a review on the softonic website the editors summarize: "'UpdateStar Drivers' provides users with current device drivers for installed hardware on their PCs. The software checks the condition of the drivers when the system starts or by the push of a button and updates missing and outdated driver versions.

It also shows details of outdated drivers in a list and offers the user to download the latest versions. Upon request the user can backup the current drivers on the hard disk and recover them on demand. You can also define a regular query time for the driver check." And the editors continue: "With UpdateStar Drivers you do not have to worry about missing drivers..." - softonic, February 2011

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