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No more missed important software updates! UpdateStar 14 lets you stay up to date and secure with the software on your computer.
The database recognizes 1,776,000 software titles and delivers updates for your software including minor upgrades.
Awards & Reviews
In a review of the magazine site PC-WELT, the reviewer summarizes: "Not all tools that promise updates for all programs on the Windows PC live up to this claim. This is mainly due to the fact that the providers of these tools always have to keep their databases up to date in order to compare the current and installed software versions. If entries are completely missing or out of date, one or the other note is missing.

For example, the programs Glary Utilities and CCleaner, which are quite good in other disciplines, only find a fraction of outdated software. Iobit Software Updater is better, but in the free version the program only allows two updates per day. The result is similar with Patch my PC, and the program interface is no longer up-to-date. We achieved the best results on our test systems with Updatestar.

Updatestar is easy to use. On the start page of the program interface you can see all installed programs for which updates and patches are available. Switch to the "Programs" tab and sort the complete software list by clicking on the "Found on" column so that the ones to be updated are at the front. If available, click on the "Download" button in the "Direct download" column. This saves exactly the right update to install with just two clicks of the mouse. The "Download" column on the left only takes you to the website of the respective program provider." - PCWELT.DE, May 2021
In a review on the site MadDownload.com, the reviewer summarizes: "If you are looking for a reliable solution for your weekly updates, then this tool is perfect for you. Not just it helps you with regular updates, but you can also adjust the timings when you want to update your tools."

"This tool provides you accurate information and makes your system more secure and productive." - MadDownload.com, May 2020
In a review on the site SOFTPEDIA.COM, the reviewer summarizes: "Modern-looking application which enables you to quickly scan the contents of your computer, so as to inform you which programs require updates.[...]

This software utility enables you scan your computer and the Internet, so as to figure out if there are any updates for apps that you might be interested in. Results are going to be displayed in the main window, along with information such as status, name, installed and current version, and the date on which the update was found.

Aside from that, you should know it is possible to download the detected updates with just a click of the button, as well as view the average rating users gave a program and input your own. An overview of all installation and updates can be displayed in a new window, and it is possible to also uninstall, change and repair items with ease.


To wrap it up, UpdateStar Freeware Edition is a simple, yet efficient piece of software. It does not put a strain on the computer's performance, as resource requirements are minimal, all tasks are performed quite fast and we did not detect any errors or crashes." - softpedia.com, May 2016
In a review on the site instalki.pl, UpdateStar is given an editor's choice award. From the review: "UpdateStar Freeware Edition is an application to manage all programs installed in Windows. It is characterized by an easy to use interface, modeled on the Microsoft Word text editor.

Using this software, you can search for new versions of applications you have installed on your hard drive. In this way we keep the order and we will always be up to date with the latest updates to the programs. UpdateStar Freeware Edition is available for free, and has almost all the features, but is limited in its ability to download new versions of programs.

The program displays the number of installed applications and the date of the last scan the system and find in it a clear list containing the names of all the applications in Windows. We can read the name of the program, the security level, the numbers and the current installed version, which is available for download. In addition, if you have a commercial version of the program, we can directly from the program to download a newer version of the application. There were in it additional services for the treatment of unused entries in the system registry." - instalki.pl, August 2014
Easy to use and does exactly what it promises - In a review on ITWORLD.com, UpdateStar is given 5/5 stars. From the review: "One of the big players in the update utility market is UpdateStar Premium Edition. According to UpdateStar's CEO, the company has 3 million registered users and a growing database of 1.6 million products that they're keeping track of.

By default, UpdateStar scans for updates to all your installed applications on a weekly basis. (You could, and maybe should, increase the frequency.)

Clicking on one of the entries under the "Updates available" section will throw you into the list of all installed programs. From here, either click "Download" or "Direct Download." I'd strongly advise the "Direct Download" route. If you click "Download," you'll be directed to a website that shows you descriptions, comments, and ratings for the software in question (which is good!) but also leads to an update installer that tries to force several toolbars down your throat before you get to the updated program (which is bad!). In my test scenario (which I used for all updaters), I deliberately kept 10 out-of-date programs installed on my machine. UpdateStar Premium found all of them. Perfect score.

UpdateStar Premium Edition costs $34.95 per year for one PC and $79.95 for the 3 PC license. For that price, I'd want to see fewer toolbar-laden installers and an opportunity to silently install the updates. But the tool is easy to use and does exactly what it promises." - ITWORLD.com, March 2013
Excellent application that will enable you to check for and install updates for applications installed on your system - In a review on the site V3.co.uk, UpdateStar is given four out of five stars and praised for its design and potential. From the review: "Once you've installed an application on your system, unless it was supplied with an automatic update tool, you'll probably forget to check to see if a new version has been released. With some freeware and shareware titles, new updates can be made available on a weekly basis. Many of the new releases may not contain new features, but they may contain bug fixes that might make the software perform more securely or efficiently on your system.

One option is to scour Download sites such as www.vnunet.com/downloads. Another option is to use a tool that will search through your installed applications and then find updates, if an update exists.

UpdateStar is such an application. It's well designed and borrows the ribbon interface from Office 2007. You can set up an automatic update check and even purchase software installed, such as trial software." - V3.co.uk, May 2012
Stop wasting time searching for updates - In a review in the UK computer magazine PC Advisor the editors summarize: "UpdateStar Premium lets you know when an update is available. It keeps an eye on more than 1,273,000 third-party programs, so your PC remains up to date and secure all times. UpdateStar Premium delivers available updates for your software, including minor upgrades and secure downloads. It offers to save you time, and prevent you from accidentally skipping an important update." - PC ADVISOR, September 2010
The best diagnostic tools - In a review in the German computer magazine Computerwoche the editors summarize: "With UpdateStar your software is always up to date, because UpdateStar will automatically notify you of available upgrades and product information." And the editors continue: "It also offers you a software management tool, which not only surpasses the standard management of Windows in speed, but you are given additional information about the installed software. You can also uninstall programs." - Computerwoche, June 2010
Program Updater - In a review in the computer magazine Computerbild the editor summarizes: "Forget the lengthy search for new versions of your installed programs: UpdateStar gives you an instant overview. The software analyzes your hard drive and really knows exactly which software updates your PC is missing. A few clicks later, your entire software is up to date and that is important, because fresh updates not only eliminate errors. Often updated programs even offer more functionality " - Computerbild, May 2010
Rating: Excellent - In a review on SnapFiles.com, UpdateStar is given five out of five stars. The reviewer says "UpdateStar scans your computer for installed software products and produces a list of your inventory and available updates, along with download link and additional information. The program not only works with widely used commercial products, but also with many freeware and shareware programs available from the web." - SnapFiles.com, October 2009

UpdateStar fills a need I never knew I had - In a review in the PC World magazine, the reviewer says: "After that, all I needed to do was click the software I wished to update, and I received quick links back to the appropriate download page." - PC World, June 2009
This software shows potential - In a review in the PC Authority magazine, the reviewer says: "Whether it will support all your applications is another matter, although on our test system it did seem to find and check for updates for around half of our installed applications, although some of those 'upgrades' were earlier versions of installed software." - PC Authority, March 2009
Ease of use is remarkable - In a review on softpedia.com, the reviewer says: "Its looks are stunning and the ease of use is remarkable: a few clicks and you know if there is outdated software on your computer." - softpedia.com, February 2008

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